Made by Mussels will buy crushed, pre-processed sea shells from established seashell processing companies in France (e.g. OVIVE and COVED). We process the crushed shells into a fine-grade powder (of two different grain sizes) and package it accordingly. Our products are sold online to private consumers (B2C) and wholesalers (B2B) focussing primarily on the regional market, targeting coastal areas of France.

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Worldwide, 7 million tons of biowaste are produced by the seafood industry every year.  Nevertheless, shellfish culture - such as mussels, oysters and clams - is considered an optimal environmentally sustainable form of aquaculture. It has minimal ecological impact compared to other seafood production systems. Today large amounts of biowaste from shells is limiting the development the shellfish industry in certain regions by posing major financial and operational burdens on the sector. A stunning 75% to 90% of the total weight of shellfish production consists of biomaterial from shells. France alone produces more than 200 000 tons of shellfish a year. Large quantities of shell…

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Shells have a high content of calcium carbonate (95%), or limestone. While calcium carbonate obtained from oyster and mussel shells can replace commercially sourced calcium carbonate4, the biomaterial is barely utilised. Our solution will repurpose the biomaterial into a useful resource, thereby avoiding costly and wasteful disposals on landfills. Made by Mussels will produce high-quality seashell powder (of different grain sizes), made from either mussel- or oyster shells. The chemical and physical properties of the shells make our products multipurpose. Today, biomaterial from shells has applications in the paper industry, the pharmaceutical industry and is used as a fertiliser within the agriculture sector. The material…

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