Our team

Made by Mussels is a start-up initiative which started during the Climate - KIC Journey 2018 in Romania and Hungary. It received the award for the best idea and business proposal.

Julia Huisman - CEO and Oversight of operation

"In charge of business development and HR. With a background in ecology and ocean research she can explain in detail how Made by Mussels has a positive impact on our planet. As a native Dutch speaker, she will help penetrate the Dutch market.”

Jenna Balaguer- PR and Marketing officer

"Living in France and as an oceanographer, Jenna built a network in the field and the expertise to assess the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems.”

Franziska Weeger - Manager of operations

"Franziska loves efficiency and structure, as only true Germans do. With a degree in industrial engineering, she is in charge to set up the workspace of the company and organise the production process.”

Manuel Arias Barrantes - Material Designer

"Upcoming design graduate from Aalto University, Finland with a focus on new materials and sustainable production methods. Manuel have a multidisciplinary work experiences thanks to collaboration between designers and scientists.”

Corinne Kowalski - Financial and Legal expertise

"With a background in law and project management and as a native Polish and French, Corinne will handle logistic, accounting and patent application. She is determined to make all seafood lovers feel good about themselves by helping them reduce their carbon footprint thanks to their favorite meal’s waste.”

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